Project Description
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  • December 13, 2019

When it comes to technology and innovation we are always trying
to see beyond the lines, beyond the borders, beyond the frames

By Panayiotis Alexandrou, IT Manager, SMT Shipping

SMT Shipping is the client’s choice for full service logistics solutions in bulk and break bulk maritime transport. For many years, we have provided reliable handling of cargo through self-loading/discharging bulk carriers, pneumatic cement carriers, and trans-shippers.

SMT Shipping provides multi-layered solutions for the effective handling of many types of bulk cargo. We offer expertise in both shore-based and vessel transport operations, and we approach our client’s complex logistics challenges with professionalism and creativity.

SMT’s safety record has been honored by the US Coast Guard and recognized by other regulating agencies throughout the world. We maintain a vigilant commitment to the safety of our people, our vessels, and the environment.

SMT always takes a long-term investment approach in business, building long-term relationships with customers, business partners, and service providers.

The SMT Customer
Our B2B relation takes us back more than a decade. It was the year we decided to standardize communication technology throughout our fleet. In fact, at that time we proceeded with a market research for a company better serving our needs and demands. Realizing the importance in building strong relations with our partners and considering the “upcoming changing world” in satellite communication systems, we concluded proceeding with your superior company.


Problem-solving and Flexibility
In general, people tend to be critical, and it’s impossible to keep everyone completely satisfied all the time. On average, any measurement that shows a total satisfaction level equal to or greater than 75% is considered exceptional. On that basis, our experience has constantly been proving that we are always aiming for that satisfaction level, although there is always room for improvement. The professional approach of your staff, their skills and expertise, and of course your company’s structure serving, supporting and responding to our requests on time, are positively evaluated.

Preferred Daily Interaction
In fact this stands with the “in your house” established strategy reflected by your in place policies and procedures. The quality level (in all aspects) of each of your employee and the company’s vision are additional factors. Building an interacting team is an added value, and I must admit that you have succeeded. A long lasting “recipe” is listening to your customers, which is the first step in making them feel heard, understood, and valued.

Our Business Influence upon You
Accepting the fact that communication nowadays is the most vital personal and business factor, yes I agree that most of your products and services influence our business activities onboard and ashore, as the latter are interconnected. And this is the reason, we are here, together, receiving your services upgrading and improving our production lines. How much money your customers are willing to pay to continue using your products and services is determined by the quality and the value for money of the provided services and products.

Products and Innovation
Innovations are highly important and are always welcome in our industry. We carefully check what the market offers and we are always studying what technology evolution is providing, before deciding on which side of the road we will stand. Our philosophy is, we don’t like being the first, but we also don’t like being the last. We make our decisions based on our needs and strategies.

There are many examples one can express in order to post something. Off the top of my head, I like to emphasize the following examples, resulted with highly effective scores. The first is related to the required IT support on board the vessels. Having in mind that every single trip to the vessels had/has an average cost of 3 – 5K USD, at a certain time, we decided to improve the communication technology (equipment and plans) enabling our IT team to provide remote support instead of sending an IT on board each time or spend many hours and much money over the phone. In the end, this turned out to provide a remarkable return on the initial investment.

The second example is referring to our strategic decision expanding our activities in transshipment. New activities, new trade areas, new challenges. And the most important, was/is the ability to monitor daily operations remotely. Without hesitation we decided to equip some of our vessels with live streaming systems enabling us to watch all the daily operations remotely. Again, this proved to have a remarkable return on the initial investment.

We see and treat OneNet as a long term real business partner and in this respect we have no doubt or any objection to further recommend this company, its people, services and products. Meeting our expectations? We are never happy. But we do appreciate the continued will to discuss the fulfillments of our requirements. We always try to break free beyond lines, beyond borders and beyond frames.