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Pole Star

Work smarter, save time and achieve your goals with our advanced, global satellite tracking software, patent-pending blended tracking technology and interactive tools and layers. For shipowners, ship managers, charterers and fleet managers that require fleet-wide situational awareness, the Pole Star platform offers the near real-time data, actionable intelligence and global visibility needed to increase operational efficiency, enable decision making and support compliance.

Pole Star Platform

Blended Tracking Technology
Our patent-pending blended tracking technology combines position data from multiple satellite tracking services (including Inmarsat-C, IsatData Pro and AIS) into a single, seamless position track to provide you with richer, more accurate information.

Event Notifications
You can stay connected, even when you are not logged in. Create automated alerts on entry/exit from key zones (e.g. EEZs, high risk piracy areas, etc.) and get notifications delivered to you via email and SMS.

Display key industry zones (including ECAs, EEZs, high-risk areas, environmental and regulatory zones) on the map or create your own custom zones (rectangle, circular or polygon) for a near real-time picture of your fleet in relation to nearby and current threats, regional risks and regulatory requirements.

With weather layers, you can display forecast meteorological conditions (up to 7 day forecast) on the interactive map, or review your planned route against forecast weather conditions. Includes a wide range of weather and environmental layers. Our high quality weather data is updated every 6 hours and provided by Tidetech.

Historical Tracks
Review a ship’s historical movements for analysis in a single click. Click on a ship to see its historic position track on the map (30 days of trail history).

Advanced reporting engine with queries and filters allows you to download historical data in CSV format for analysis, sharing with colleagues or evidentiary purposes.

Maps and Charts
Big, interactive maps with features including: zoom, pan, weather, zones and distance measurement tool. Your choice of four map types including C-MAP charts, street map, hybrid map and satellite map

SSAS Management

A complete SSAS management system that allows CSOs and DPAs to manage security alerts and respond to incidents – from the office, home or mobile. In a security situation, rapid response is vital. So, when Pole Star developed SSAS Management, designed every feature to make managing ship security alerts and tests simpler and quicker. Pole Star streamlined processes, reduced visual distractions and focused on what was important to the end user – ensuring vessels and crew are safe. The reliable web-based and mobile applications allow the end user to manage alerts and tests from their office, home or mobile, to give them confidence that, in the event of an incident, they are ready to respond immediately, no matter where they are.

Alert/Test Notifications
Create unlimited alert and test recipients on a per ship or fleet basis, edit recipients as often as required, select the notification format (email, SMS, fax or Telex) and verify delivery with notification status information, all within your Pole Star account. By removing the need for a technician to attend each time an edit is required, SSAS Management can save you valuable time and money while ensuring that the right people are notified as quickly as possible.

Online Security Management
SSAS Management automatically displays alerts, tests and position reports from the onboard SSAS hardware in the web-based SSAS Management service to give you complete situational awareness in the event of a security situation.

Alert Trails
Quick and easy overview of where and when an alert was triggered for enhanced situational awareness.

Mobile Application
The SSAS Management app for iOS and Android gives you the freedom to manage incidents anywhere, anytime.

Closest Ship
Instantly check which ships are nearby, so you can divert them towards or away from the incident.

A complete, chronological record of your fleet’s testing and alert activity. Helps you demonstrate compliance, manage risk and improve security.

Alert Checklist
Create alert checklists to ensure that safety and security procedures are followed carefully in the event of an incident and key tasks are not forgotten.

Big Interactive Maps
Big interactive maps (including C-Map, terrain, street and satellite) with features including: zoom, pan, weather, zones and distance measurement tool.

Risk Insight

With easy to understand incident icons displayed on your fleet map, along with a time slider to reveal current and historical incidents, Risk Insight gives you an overview of the risks to your fleet, and provides you with the situational awareness and actionable intelligence you need to avoid risk using data from MaRisk by Risk Intelligence. Integrated into the Pole Star services you use every day, Risk Insight gives you a complete picture of the immediate and long-term risks to your fleet, without the need to switch between different services or screens

Near Real-time Updates
MaRisk provides near real-time updates of incidents such as piracy, terrorism, insurgency and other maritime crime around the world – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy to select Time Intervals
The easy-to-use time slider provides you with an overview of current and long-term risks. Simply slide the bar to view incidents that occurred within a specific time period – from current (occurred within the last two weeks), to up to one year ago.

Quality Data
Provided in partnership with Risk Intelligence, the leading provider of maritime security and risk intelligence to the maritime industry.

Incident Feed
The incident feed provides a simple, chronological list of all the incidents within the specified time period.




The ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) is the world’s leading digital maritime chart service, with over 14,750 official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) to help bridge crews navigate safely and efficiently whilst meeting Flag and Port State requirement​s.

  • Key features of AVCS include:
  • ​100% official global maritime ENC coverage with more routes and ports than any other competing service
  • Unique ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) for additional passage planning information​​​​​​
  • Weekly updates available via email, online or on CD and DVD to ensure ongoing safety and compliance
  • Delivered in industry standard S-63 / S-57 formats, guaranteeing compatibility with all ECDIS sold today – even in a mixed fleet


ADMIRALTY e-Navigator Planning Station is a back-of-bridge PC application that helps bridge crews to view, order and manage world-leading ADMIRALTY Maritime Products & Services on board.

  • Key features of Planning Station include:
  • ​​Digital catalogue for easy ordering and management of world-leading ADMIRALTY Maritime Products & Services.​​
  • Efficient electronic updates for digital products, supporting ongoing safety and compliance.
  • An enhanced viewing platform that allows bridge crews to overlay digital products such as ADP over AVCS and ARCS. By viewing digital products on one screen, bridge crews can make quicker, more informed voyage planning decisions.


ADMIRALTY Passage Planner helps bridge officers to​ create compliant passage plans, with clearance and leg-speed calculations that can be automatically updated during the planning process.​ Key features of ADMIRALTY Passage Planner include:

  • Helps bridge officers calculate safe clearances based on the squat effect
  • Calculates waypoint ETAs and required leg speeds
  • Supports Port State Control and SMS requirements


e-Nautical Publications (e-NPs) are electronic versions of official ADMIRALTY Nautical publications. Easy to use and update, they bring improved efficiency, accuracy and access to information bridge officers need.

  • ​​Weekly Notices to Mariners added accurately in seconds to ensure ongoing safety and compliance.​
  • Simple search functionality for easier access to important planning information.​
  • Approved for use by the Flag States of over three quarters of ships trading internationally, with clear display of NM updates to aid inspections.​
  • 86 official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications available in an electronic format. The range includes Sailing Directions, the Mariner’s Handbook and many more


The ADMIRALTY Raster Chart Service (ARCS) provides raster chart coverage of international shipping routes, main ports and harbours in a comprehensive range of scales. Ideal for both bridge crews and shore based users, it combines the familiarity of traditional ADMIRALTY paper charts with the precision of satellite positioning to support decision making. Key features of ARCS include:

  • Familiar, clear and easy-to-use digital charts, helping bridge crews to understand critical information at moments of peak workload and pressure
  • Extensive coverage of international routes and ports in a comprehensive range of scales
  • Weekly ADMIRALTY Notice to Mariners updates to support safe navigation
  • Compatible with a wide range of office based systems enabling cost-effective digital charting for shore-based users

Secondary services

Secondary Services


Pole Star offers complete LRIT Conformance testing and certification services and is authorised to issue Conformance Test Reports on behalf of most Flags. Pole Star is the world leader in LRIT testing and, to date, has completed more than 40,000 LRIT tests on behalf of global ship operators. Pole Star is an Authorised Testing ASP for over 90 Flags and provides operators with a convenient, secure and easy-to-use web-based testing platform, allowing them to initiate a test and review its progress at any time.

Inmarsat C

A highly reliable mobile satellite data communication system. JRC JUE-87 Inmarsat C is a digital satellite communication system whereby data can be encoded into digital format, whether text, numeric data from instruments or other information in digital format can be sent and received over the system. A simple user interface allows sending and receiving messages.

Accounting Authority

Based on the International Telecommunication Regulations ITU-T D90 each maritime mobile station needs to appoint an Accounting Authority Recognized Operating Agency who is responsible to act as an intermediary regarding the radio account of the Vessel under their AAIC and the service provider. As One Net, we act as a Billing intermediary or as a Recognized operating agency under the Code CY08.

Point of Service Activation

The Point of Service Activation is an entity contacted to Inmarsat and approved by the Flag’s administrations. PSAs activates MES (Mobile Earth Stations), deactivates, updates emergency contact details etc in the ESAS Beta system of Inmarsat.


Billing services including Invoicing and Ad Hoc Reporting for Maritime Airtime Billing for various technologies such as FX, FBB, E&E.

Training & Demonstration

Our Technology Suite is designed to simulate the vessel environment with live satellite communication systems and software. In this environment we provide training and demonstrations to crew as if it was installed on the vessel. Our customers are also able to test our integrated solutions over a satellite connection to get the true experience. Further to testing our own solutions, the Technology Suite is open for customer to test their own setup before making a decision to implement on board

AMOS Connect Email Solution

Amos Connect is a fully managed messaging (e-mail) service designed for use on board ship for use over satellite connections. AMOS Mail is used for reading and writing messages and to dial in to the Amos Connect hub.

Typical users include:

  • Ship managers.
  • Ship owners.
  • Individual sailors.
  • Crew members for business email.
  • Crew members for private email.

Amos connect over Satellite communication networks provide integrated email, high compression rates, full duplex email exchange and mid-point break recovery. The main aim of AMOS connect is to provide the above users complete messaging solution, short call set-up times, cost savings on airtime, efficient use of bandwidth and integrated crew solutions.

Prepaid Voice Services

Provide the Crew the capability and ability to keep in contact with their loved ones using the using One Net ChatCard Services. The crew can call from any One Net provided satellite phone and experience our quality service at affordable prices.

Card Features

  • Single Card for major networks/services: This service is available for both Inmarsat FBB and FX services.
  • Choice of Denominations: availability in 50, 250, 500 or 750 units
  • Secure: Our virtual cards, feature an 8 digit unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) for caller security.
  • Convenient Balance Information: OneNet ChatCards also provide low-balance warnings at 60 seconds and 30 seconds.
  • No Hidden Charges: with OneNet ChatCards there are no additional fees for holding time, no per-call connect fees, and no charge if the called party does not answer. The amount of time you purchase is the amount of talk time you receive.
  • Easy to Use: calling is achieved by following a quick and easy simple procedure.