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Remote Device Monitoring & Control

  • Remotely monitor and control mission critical equipment anywhere in the world via Inmarsat’s global satellite network.
  • Our technology allows you to merge all types of equipment together into one easy-to-use platform.
  • Our technology also allows you to maximise operational efficiency, and minimise downtime.

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Radio Over IP - RoIP

The Vocality BASICS Radio Over IP (RoIP) solution supports the radio extension scenario in a multitude of ways, from simple point-to-point mode for extending radio networks over intermediate links (e.g. satellite or Internet), to complex networks using a central media server.

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Personnel and Asset Tracking

Tracking and sensor data acquisition solutions provide real-time information and positioning of personnel, assets, and sensors via GSM and satellite links. Our web-based platform is compatible with modern web browsers and works on a multilingual platform that brings all the positions of every manufactured product together under one location, and displays and manages them in a single, unified interface.

one net CCTV digital

Bespoke CCTV Solutions for Maritime & Enterprise

Setting the standard

Utilising a CCTV solution to mitigate occupational health & safety risks and hazards. Our bespoke CCTV solutions meet the most demanding environments while assuring 24/7 satellite access to the vessel’s live or archived video footage, if circumstances  call for it.

Main features

  • Assisted framework design and installation process for minimum operational disruption
  • No wire installation! Network Ethernet Infrastructure over vessel’s Electrical Grid
  • Plug – n – Play or minimum installation design
  • CSaaS Subscription based CCTV deployment

Deploying methodology based on sharing knowledge with the customer

  • Identify and analyze the requirement
  • Provide of a high level design, upon fulfilment of customer requirements specification
  • Trial – Proof of concept (3 – 6 months)
  • Design finalization
  • Production
  • Commissioning – Training
  • Maintenance – SLA